Cover art for the Ersatz Era vinyl


The band had a name for the album, and an image they wanted to use for the cover. The name referred to the album being a representation of the time that the songs were recorded, a “so called era”. I wanted to follow the theme of representation, and from there created the rest of the packaging.

Lo-fi polaroid photograph of person on a sidewalk

original polaroid by jessica paget

Same polaroid as above with some editing

polaroid after minor treatment

The back cover design was informed by predominant shapes in the cover image.

Front cover of the album featuring the polaroid
Black lines mimicking shapes found on the front cover

I sought an intended degredation, a sort of digital erosion, an allusion to the feedback and subtle electronic noises on the album.

Digitally distorted text

distorted ersatz era tracklist


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Art direction for The Heavy Medicine Band

The Heavy Medicine band needed packaging design for their new LP. I attempted to create a visual representation of the sounds and themes present on the record.